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    社名 Corporate Name

    株式会社 バーチャルクラフト

    Virtual Craft, Inc.

    tel: +81-3-4233-7511

    e-mail: [email protected]


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    所在地 Location

    東京都新宿区高田馬場1-28-10 バンフォーレ三慶ビル4F

    Ventforet Sankei bldg. 4F 1-28-10 Takadanobaba Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, Japan

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    取締役 Board Members

    代表取締役社長   小寺 竹春


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    事業概要 Business Summary

    • ITプラットフォームの企画•プロジェクト推進•設計•実装•試験•保全、および技術研究
    • インターネットクラウド基盤(Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure)のサービスの実装と運営
    • 情報技術を活用した、持続可能な社会の実現への積極的貢献
    • Technical research and Planning/Project Management/Design/Implementation/Test/Maintenance of IT platform.
    • Service implementation and operation of internet cloud platform "Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure".
    • Proactive involvement and initiative for sustainable society using our advanced information technology.
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    設立趣意 Charter





    We are a truly professional group of individuals who are united by a common philosophy: as members of a sensible global society, as good residents of our local community, and as happy individuals, we will spare no effort in pursuing wealth and tolerance.

    We are establishing this company with the aim of trying out unprecedented corporate management and innovation by this group of experts.

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    5つのコアバリュー 5 Core Values 

    1. 継続的な学習と変化への適応



    2. 関わる人たちとの共創



    3. 未来社会への貢献



    4. 幸福の追求 



    5. 多様性とインクルーシブな文化



    1. Continuous Learning and Adapting to Change

    We will flexibly adapt to change and acquire the ability to continuously learn and adapt. We will respond quickly to changes in the market and the introduction of new technologies, and continue to be individuals who grow sustainably.

    2. Co-creation with those involved

    As a group of true professionals, we aim to create new value through co-creation by working closely with those involved. At the same time, by growing together with those involved, we will increase our market competitiveness.

    3. Contribution to the Future Society

    We will actively contribute to global and local communities. We will also spare no effort in creating a hopeful future.

    4. Pursuit of happiness

    We value the happiness of each individual, and we support each other in self-realization and skill improvement, while also respecting work-life balance. We also value maintaining mental and physical health.

    5. Diversity and Inclusive Culture

    We create an inclusive organizational culture by embracing people with diverse backgrounds and skills in order to pursue individual happiness and growth.

    ※ Amazon Web Services、および当ウェブサイトで使用されるその他の AWS 商標は、米国その他の諸国における、Amazon.com, Inc. またはその関連会社の登録商標または商標です。
    ※ Google Cloud および当ウェブサイトで使用されるその他の Google 商標は、米国その他の諸国における、Google LLC またはその関連会社の登録商標または商標です。
    ※ Microsoft Azure、および当ウェブサイトで使用されるその他の Microsoft の商標は、米国およびその他の国における、Microsoft Corporationの登録商標または商標です。

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